Protectormate premium mosquito nets keep you covered and protected. The revolutionary design not only offers ultimate protection but allows for easy installation even in the most challenging environments.

Protectomate offers a complete solution against all types of insect bites. With the increase risk of Zika virus and continued threat of Malaria worldwide , our products allow you and your loved ones to sleep peacefully within a protected environment.

We created a harmonious setting for you to have a stress free living experience. Our products are suitable for universal usage both indoor and outdoor .

For total peace of mind, our nets have been designed for a long and lasting durability through multiple washing and still remain effective. Protectormate mosquito nets will continue to provide protection for many years to come. Keep it covered and be protected!


The Finest Handcrafted Mosquito Net Available Today.

With durable netting quality, Protectormate premium mosquito nets are designed with the tiniest hole (256 holes per square inch) hand sewn from high quality mesh netting with the latest 100% multi-filament polyester non impregnated, totally breathable whilst impossible to penetrate by any bugs or mosquitoes. Well constructed with reinforced loop and bottom to achieve long lasting durability, excellent to add elegance to your bedroom plus it can be washed through multiple times.

Natural Insect Barrier.

Designed to be safe for you and your family. Get rid of all your nasty bug spray! Protectormate premium mosquito net is chemical free, well constructed to be use by you and your loved ones especially for people with even the most sensitive skin without any irritation making it 100% eco-friendly bed nets that repels mosquitoes, bugs, insects naturally, the way it should be. Great if you are hanging the screen curtains or netting over a double canopy bed, king, queen, hammock, crib, camping and glamping.

Contemporary Design Hanging System for Ease of Use.

We have constructed an effortless hanging installation for you. This system allows easy height adjustment for optimum use both indoor and outdoor.

Complete with Full Range of Hanging Kit.

Every net comes complete with a full range of hanging kit that allows both indoor and outdoor use. We supply material just in case any accident should prevail to the net. This comes with a quality compact and lightweight carry bag perfect for storing and camping, a mesh swatch for patching and a user manual for installation and care guide.

Continually Tested by Adventurous in all Conditions.

We have tested these premium mosquito nets in some of the most hostile environments in the world. We continue to use our mosquito nets on a daily basis which completely repel all types of insects. All our photos on our social media pages are a true testimony where the nets have been tested.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We want you and your loved ones to fully enjoy the benefits of ownership of Protectormate premium mosquito nets that is why we guarantee a 30 day risk free money back or replacement. No one regretted they bought the best! Click BUY NOW to start your happiness with a good night’s sleep.


We have constructed an effortless hanging installation for you. This system allows easy height adjustment for optimum use both indoor and outdoor.

For more information , please check out our videos.

Metal Hook for Indoor Use



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